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The administration of sport and travel complex "Great Field" arranges following cultural and tourist excursions and trips on the request of our visitors:
  1. General excursion to Belaya Kholunizca including the visiting of historical places and monuments, places of interest, museum, city park and other cultural places.

  2. Excursion to the farms and unique nature areas of the region.

  3. General excursion to Slobodskoy - a town which is famous for its fur factory, distillery and other places of interest.

  4. Excursion to Dymkovskaya sloboda - the place which is known for its world famous clay hand-made toys.

  5. General excursion to Kirov including the visiting of museums, theatres, monasteries and other city's places of interest.
You can order excursions by contacting the administration of sport and travel complex "Great Field".




LLS STC “Great Field” is management company for this project.
Address: Russian Federation , 613204, Kirovskaya oblast, Belaya Kholunizca, Velikoe Pole, Novaya Str., 2A.
Director General: Evgeniy S. Markov

Representative office in Moscow : Russian Federation , 119607, Moscow, Udalzcova Str., 87 bl. 3
Representative Director: Petr V. Barsukov



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