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Our guests never miss their chance to buy some local souvenirs, presents or trophies when leaving STC "Great Field". Every our visitor takes away some souvenirs such as pots with berries jam or mushrooms, famous painted hand-made clay toys or wooden hand-made caskets.

Hunters and fishers may give their prey or catch to our professional taxidermists who will make high-quality stuffed animals, birds or fish and will post them back to you. On the other hand, our guests may order and purchase many of such trophies in our specialized shop or contact the administration of our Complex.
LLS STC “Great Field” is management company for this project.
Address: Russian Federation , 613204, Kirovskaya oblast, Belaya Kholunizca, Velikoe Pole, Novaya Str., 2A.
Director General: Evgeniy S. Markov

Representative office in Moscow : Russian Federation , 119607, Moscow, Udalzcova Str., 87 bl. 3
Representative Director: Petr V. Barsukov



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