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Kirov region is rich in wild-growing berries and herbs. The amount of their commercial gathering exceeds 30.000 tons. Cranberries, red whortleberries, blackberries, raspberries, ashberries, wild strawberries and other berries are gathered in the forests surrounding STC "Great Field" and stored up. The gathering of these berries is extremely interesting.

For example, cranberries, red whortleberries and blackberries are gathered on bogs, raspberries and ashberries - in the forest, wild strawberries sunny meadows. These trips are always ones of the favorite for our guests. You will enjoy the beauty of local nature while pots of jam made of berries gathered here will be wonderful memories about the time spent in STC "Great Field".

That is why our guests return to STC "Great Field" again and again recollecting these wonderful moments. The photos of berries may be viewed here.
LLS STC Great Field is management company for this project.
Address: Russian Federation , 613204, Kirovskaya oblast, Belaya Kholunizca, Velikoe Pole, Novaya Str., 2A.
Director General: Evgeniy S. Markov

Representative office in Moscow : Russian Federation , 119607, Moscow, Udalzcova Str., 87 bl. 3
Representative Director: Petr V. Barsukov



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