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STC "Great Field" is situated on the bank of a large tank (the Belokholunizckiy pond) which was built almost 250 years ago. Its purity of water contributes to fish abundance: the amount of breams, perches, pikes, ides, roaches, daces, chubs, ruffs and gudgeons guarantees amazing fishing.

Many fishing competitions are held here, especially in winter when hundreds of fishermen from all cities of Kirov region gather on the ice of the Belokholunizckiy pond.

Hunting and Fishing Club of STC "Great Field" arranges fishing trips both in winter and in summer and provides our guests with all necessary equipment. You can view photos from our fishing trips here.
LLS STC Great Field is management company for this project.
Address: Russian Federation , 613204, Kirovskaya oblast, Belaya Kholunizca, Velikoe Pole, Novaya Str., 2A.
Director General: Evgeniy S. Markov

Representative office in Moscow : Russian Federation , 119607, Moscow, Udalzcova Str., 87 bl. 3
Representative Director: Petr V. Barsukov



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