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Sport and tourism complex "Great Field" is located on the bank of the tank which is more than 20 kilometers in length and more than 3 kilometers in width. This fact obviously stimulates the development of water sports within the Complex.

The development plan of the Complex provides for the construction of a large water sports center which would allow holding trainings and competitions in such kinds of sport as boar-racing, canoe, water skis, windsurfing and others. Furthermore, we plan to build two piers for yachts, cutters and boats mooring.

During the period of dam reconstruction in 2005, construction personnel drained water in the tank and strewed pure river sand on the shore near the Complex making special beach which is several hundred sq meters long.

Belokholunizckiy pond has always been a favorite place for many citizens, especially during the summer, being the largest tank in Kirov region. Here you can enjoy unique nature, swim in the purest water or relax in the sun, go boating to other rivers which inflate this tank and see their real beauty. The photos of these places may be viewed here.

The administration of STC "Great Field" arranges such trips on the request of our visitors, provides them with all necessary equipment and guarantees their personal security.
LLS STC Great Field is management company for this project.
Address: Russian Federation , 613204, Kirovskaya oblast, Belaya Kholunizca, Velikoe Pole, Novaya Str., 2A.
Director General: Evgeniy S. Markov

Representative office in Moscow : Russian Federation , 119607, Moscow, Udalzcova Str., 87 bl. 3
Representative Director: Petr V. Barsukov



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