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History of Belaya Kholunizca village

The emergence of a new settlement on the bank of Belaya Kholunizca river in the heart of Russia in the beginning of 18th century, was associated with reforms of great Russian rulers: Peter I the Great and Catherine II. At that time industry developed tremendously in Ural, especially - metallurgy.

New deposits of iron ore were discovered in the north-east of Vyatsk province and one of the famous tsar's dignitaries of that time - governor-general A.I. Glebov who was also known as "cheat and swindler" after one of the sayings of Catherine II - managed to seek a permission for the construction of a large iron factory on the bank of Belaya Kholunizca river.

The place for a new factory was not chosen at random. The aim for such a choice was simple - to get serious advantages among other competitors - availability of iron ore and wood, which were used as raw materials, fuel and building material, along with the opportunity of shipping production to other regions by river. However, efficient work of smelting furnaces, blacksmiths and mills required the construction of a dam and storage pond. Tortuous river-course of Belaya Kholunizca had lots of weirs, clogs and drifts which were called "kholuns". That is where the name of the river comes from. The word "Belaya" stands for "white" to reflect its purity and clarity comparing with "Chyornaya (or Black) Kholunizca" which flows through peatbogs and has turbid water.

The place for a dam and storage pool construction was chosen on one of such "kholuns", where the river overflowed, making it wider. However, such construction demanded large amounts of man power. That is why a new owner of the factory - Savva Yakovlev - bought several hundreds of landlords advocating serfdoms in Novgorod and Vologda provinces, who were resettled by force, together with their families in Belaya Kholunizca village. Even today people who live in this village have their specific accent which is typical for Vologda.

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